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We need your help to safeguard the future for bees, their pollination services and our food security. The Future Bees Fund relies on donations from the public to finance our work in research, beekeeping and outreach activities. If you would like to contribute, please send your donation to the account to the right. All donations are gratefully acknowledged and tax deductible.

Foreign Donors

For foreign donations please contact our business office directly on how to give a donation to UCR. Please talk to Wendi Tapia, wendi.tapia@ucr.edu , 951-827-5807

Domestic donors (USA)

Donors are very welcome to write a check to be deposited to CIBERs various donors account. Unfortunately, the campus does not have a credit card method for donations at the moment for individual gift accounts.

Here is the information needed for the check:

  • Payable: to the Regents of University of California or UC Regents (if addressed any other way the check cannot be deposited)
  • MUST: include a non-restrictive gift letter with their donation.
  • Memo: needs to include Boris Baer so the check is identifiable
  • Mail to address:

UCR Department of Entomology

900 University Avenue

Riverside, CA 92521