September 2019: Emerbees Opening


CALPIRG took part in the Emerbee's cafe grand opening. Emerbees is a bee based cafe that aims to help safeguard bee pollination services and secure nature's food production and stability. We set up tables, collected petitions and educated students on the UCR campus about bees and their declines. Our main goals for this event were to build awareness among the student community about our bee certification initiative the get the UCR campus recognized to be bee friendly, and recruit potential volunteers and collect signatures for our campaign. Written by Anh Phan.




December 2018: Save the Bees - Dining Hall day of Action 


Some of our past events include organizing a Dining Hall Day of Action at Lothian.The event’s goal was to raise awareness among students about the role that bees play in our food production. From producing honey, to pollinate many fruits, vegetables, and even crops like hay and soy that help us feed our livestock. Our student volunteers set up a table to collect petitions to make UCR a bee friendly campus. This would mean that our school is committed to saving and preserving the bees on campus, and avoid activities that would disturb this bee friendly environment. We had two of our very own CIBER professors give short speeches on their research and the importance the bees have on our environment.


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