Barbara Baer-Imhoof (Portrait new)

 Name: Barbara Baer-Imhoof
 Function: Research Specialist
 Research: Developing new tools to improve honey bee health is a fascinating job. Currently, I am running several experiments in parallel to find a smell to repel bees from     pesticide treated crops. To do this, I collaborate with insect olfaction specialists here at UCR and a team from the company BASF. I am managing our lab and assist our team   members in designing experiments. To spread information about sustainable beekeeping, I organize outreach activities, such as talks at bee keeping clubs or show hives for   children at schools or libraries, as well as at stalls on campus or at the Riverside Insect Fair. I further coordinate requests and plan hive visits for news teams, e.g. Voice of   America, who produced a feature about honey bees in 2021.
 Expertise: Sociobiology, Evolutionary Biology, Sexual Selection, Proteomics
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